Sr. Helena Burns, fsp, first spoke at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church in July of 2013 for a Human Sexuality Symposium. She recently gave a series of talks in Toronto, Canada on the Theology of the Body & Women.

Sr. Helena has requested that we publish her talks on Fr. Riccardo's podcast page. This is the fourth of five talks to be published.

Known as “Media Nun,” Sr. Helena Burns, fsp, is a member of the Daughters of St. Paul, an international congregation founded to communicate God’s Word through the media. Her communication tools extend to speaking engagements, teaching, social media, film, radio, and written publications.

Besides giving media and Theology of the Body workshops to youth and adults all over the U.S. and Canada since the 1990s, Sr. Helena is a movie reviewer for Life Teen. She is writing and producing a documentary on the life of Blessed James Alberione and is a co-producer on The 40 Film. She has written a book for young women titled He Speaks to You.

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