Deacon Dave Carignan preached at all of the Sunday Masses at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church this past weekend. In this homily from the 10 AM Mass, Deacon Dave discusses the parable of the three servants (MT 25:14-30) while telling the congregation that each of us must use our charisms to live out Christ's life in us and to bear witness to Him. Deacon Dave presents Blessed Solanus Casey as an example of a faithful disciple.

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Fr. Riccardo looks at our response to all that God has done for us while discussing the judgment day. Fr. John describes the marriage between Christ and the church while telling the congregants that good works alone are insufficient when rendering an account for our lives. What will our response be when we are asked by Jesus, "Do you love me?"

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Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish was blessed to have Detroit Auxiliary Bishop Robert Fisher preside at the school Mass for the Solemnity of All Saints. In this Mass homily, Bishop Fisher discusses the upcoming beatification of Venerable Solanus Casey and the importance of listening to others. Bishop Fisher looks at the Beatitudes as a guide to living the Christian life.

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Fr. Prentice Tipton preached at all of the Masses at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church this past weekend. In this homily from the noon Mass, Fr. Prentice tells the congregants that the gospel has power to forgive sins, reveal the roots of sin, to liberate us from sin, and to heal us from sin.

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