Fr. Riccardo preached at all of the weekend masses at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church this past weekend. In this homily from the 5 PM Mass, Fr. John discusses our reluctance to share the gospel with others. He encourages the congregants to complete a survey found on the parish website that was designed to assess the reasons why we find it difficult to share the gospel message in public. The survey will be active until Friday, July 6th.

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Fr. Prentice Tipton preached at all of the weekend Mass at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church for The Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ. In this homily from the noon Mass, Fr. Prentice reminds the congregants that we are a priestly people and share in the royal priesthood of the faithful. By uniting our prayer with Jesus' prayer the hurts and wounds of history can be healed. Fr. Prentice points out that the Eucharist is a world-changing sacrifice, and that the body and blood of Jesus can cleanse us from our histories and habits that separate us from Him.

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