Fr. Riccardo preached at all of the masses at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church this past weekend. In this homily from the noon Mass, Fr. Riccardo reflects on the travels of St. Paul as described in the first reading for the Fifth Sunday of Easter (ACTS 14:21-27). Fr. John concludes by encouraging the young married couples and young families of the parish to take up the baton of leadership in the church and in this parish. Fr. John points out, "God is calling you to step up and to step forward and to use all the gifts that He has so generously entrusted to you for one purpose – so God can get his world back."

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Each year Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish School celebrates a Streamer Day Mass to recognize the eighth grade students who will soon complete their final studies at the elementary school. We were pleased to have His Excellency Bishop Robert Fisher preside at the Mass for the Class of 2019. Bishop Fisher encourages the students to do their best in all things by using their God-given talents to build up the world around us.

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