In his homily for Divine Mercy Sunday, Fr. Riccardo discusses the gospel from the perspective of St. Thomas.
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Easter Sunday Homily-March 23, 2008-8 AM Mass at OLGC In his homily for Easter Sunday, Fr. Riccardo reminds the congregation that Jesus is truly and bodily risen from the dead. To believe in God is to know that He exists, and to know that the last word belongs to Him.
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Fr. Riccardo revisits his first talk from the initial Put Out Into the Deep men's conference held on March 1, 2003. The talk is entitled Meeting Him for the First Time and All Over Again. This talk is combined with a recent address by Fr. John to a Men's Conference in Massachusetts. Father's talk at that conference focused on Confession: A Fireside Chat with the Lord.
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The Choices We Face-The Power of Forgiveness Fr. Riccardo was recently a guest on The Choices We Face, a television production of Renewal Ministries hosted by Mr. Ralph Martin. Father John spoke on the topic of The Power of Forgiveness. The television interview has been posted here with the permission of Renewal Ministries. You may find additional information about Renewal Ministries at their website. This presentation is in video format, and should play within iTunes or QuickTime. This file is nearly 400 MB in size. Please be patient and wait for it to download. A broadband connection is highly recommended.
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This interview of Fr. John was broadcast on 03/16/08 on WJR Radio. Fr. John was interviewed by host Jack Krasula for the radio program Anything is Possible!. The direct link to Jack's program site is here.
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Order of Malta Faith Conference 2008-Fr. John Riccardo The 2nd annual Order of Malta Faith Conference entitled Knowing Christ Jesus was held at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church on January 26, 2008. This year's conference was a symposium on Pope Benedict XVI's book Jesus of Nazareth. This is Fr. Riccardo's talk at the conference.
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In his weekly homily, Fr. Riccardo asks Mary to continue to intercede for all of us that we may grow in a sincere hunger to know her Son and His bride, the Church.
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