Fr. Riccardo looks at the gospel account of St. Matthew (MT 28:1-10) of the women at Jesus' tomb and focuses on four words (don't, come, go, and tell) from the exchange between the angel of the Lord and Mary Magdelene and Mary, the mother of James. Fr. John encourages the congregation to go and tell others the good news of the gospel by living lives that allow the light of Christ to shine.

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In this homily for Palm Sunday, Fr. Riccardo reflects on all the Jesus did out of love for us. Fr. John encourages the congregation to reflect on Christ's passion during Holy Week by viewing The Passion of the Christ or reading the passion account in the gospel of St. John (JN 18-20).

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While considering the gospel account of Jesus raising Lazarus from the grave (JN 11:1-45), Fr. Riccardo reminds the congregation that, as He did for Lazarus, Jesus saves us from our sin, our pain and our death by his sacrifice on the cross. Fr. John tells the congregation that Jesus is calling us to come out of our indifference and apathy, and asks how we will respond to all that Christ has done for us.

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