Welcome to Fr. John Riccardo's podcasts.  This article will tell you how you can listen and view podcasts and video. 

The simplest way to get the podcasts and video posted on this page is to download Apple iTunes.  iTunes is a media library manager, that will allow you to subscribe to Fr. Riccardo's podcasts and video.  iTunes is free and available for Macintosh and Windows computers.  Once you've downloaded and installed iTunes you can follow this link.  If you have iTunes installed, click "I have iTunes", and you will be taken directly to the iTunes Music store where you can subscribe to the podcast.  Then, whenever Fr. Riccardo adds a podcast you will receive it automatically in iTunes.  Subscriptions to and downloads of these podcasts are free.

If you do not wish to install iTunes, you can download each podcast and video directly, to view and listen to them.

The podcasts are in either mp3 or m4a format.  Many media players (iTunes is recommended) should be able to play these formats.  Simply "right-click" on the direct download link and "Save As".  Once the download is complete open the file in your audio player to listen.

The video has been encoded using Apple's Quicktime.  Quicktime is a free download.  If you don't already have Quicktime installed on your computer (iTunes requires Quicktime, so if you have iTunes, you are likely to have Quicktime already installed), follow the above link, to download and install.  Once Quicktime has been installed on your computer, simply "right-click" and "Save As" on the direct download link of the movie.  When the download is complete, open the file in Quicktime.

Note some of these files get quite large.  It is recommended that users have a broadband (highspeed) internet connection to download video files.  Dial-up users might experience long download times in excess of 2 hours per video.  Sorry for the inconvenience, we are working on getting a smaller sized video for dial-up users.  The audio versions of each podcast has been reduced in size to accommodate everyone. 

Also note, you DO NOT need an iPod video to view the video files, the iPod video version simply means that it has been formated to fit onto Apple's iPod video screen.  You can view and listen to all of these media files in iTunes.

If you have any problems or questions please email the webmaster: webmaster@olgcparish.net
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