In this homily for the Feast of the Holy Family, Fr. Riccardo reviews the pledges made by couples in the Rite of Marriage and by parents during the Rite of Baptism while offering encouragement to the congregants on raising their families in the faith.

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In this homily from Christmas Mass at Our Lady of Good Counsel, Fr. Riccardo reflects on what we really want, what God really wants, and what Christmas has to do with these questions.

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Fr. Riccardo looks at faith in this homily from Our Lady of Good Counsel Church. While discussing the gospel account from St. Luke (LK 1:26-38), Fr. John points out that there is more to reality than we can see, that God is the primary actor in life, and that He loves each of us more than any other creation.

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In this homily for the third Sunday of Advent, Fr. Riccardo remarks that the essence of being Christian is to evangelize. Fr. John tells the congregation to be prepared to answer the question, "Why should anybody follow Jesus?" Fr. John reminds the congregants that we get salvation from following Jesus and that He brings health to our intellects, our wills, and our hearts.

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In this homily for the 1st Sunday of Advent, Fr. Riccardo tells the congregation that Jesus is ready to meet us today. Are we expecting Him? He cannot wait to surprise us.

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