Fr. Riccardo preached at the 10 AM Mass honoring parish members completing their high school or college studies. Fr. John tells the congregants that the front door of God's house is always open. We can always come home to Him. Fr. John discusses the history of King David and Uriah (2 SM 11 & 12) while reminding the congregation that forgiveness is available through the sacrament of reconciliation, and that His mercy endures forever.

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Fr. Riccardo addresses the eighth grade graduating class of Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish School in this homily from the 2016 Graduation Mass.

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Fr. Riccardo discusses the encounters with God found in the readings for this day, particularly St. Paul's encounter with with Jesus on his way to Damascus (GAL 1:11-19) and Jesus' encounter with the widow in Nain (LK 7:11-17). Fr. John tells the congregation that God will break into our lives if we are attentive, and respond to Him with faith.

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