In this homily from Our Lady of Good Counsel Church, Fr. Riccardo discusses all of the methods the parish is using to communicate with parishioners. In addition to the parish website, the parish maintains a Facebook page, a YouTube page, a blog page, a Twitter page, and an Instagram page. The parish also has smartphone applications (apps) for both the iOS and Android platforms.

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While discussing the recent Life Teen pilgrimage to Italy and on the readings of this day (GN 18:1-10A, COL 1:24-28, and LK 10:38-42), Fr. Riccardo notes the importance of listening. Fr. John encourages the congregation to bring their apprehensions and concerns to God in silent prayer.

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Fr. Riccardo discusses the upcoming youth pilgrimage to Italy in this homily from the noon Mass at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church. Fr. John details the importance of coming to know the saints and their credible witness to the faith. He reminds the congregation that life makes no sense apart from Christ.

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